1.3.1 Patch Notes

This is a smaller patch as I get ready for a Steam release. 
(did you know you can wishlist hereon steam?  You will get a free copy emailed to you if you bought it on itch!)


- Fixed bug with enemy laser attacks having giant hitboxes
- Added quest for improving the single shot ability. Renamed it to Sniper.
- Removed some quests that no longer make sense in the game.
- The UI is re-organized and smaller now.  I think it gives it a cleaner look.
- New quest now get added to the pool as you defeat bosses instead of being tied to a specific upgrade.
- Fixed some bugs with the Flak Cannon.
- Added some lifetime stat tracking with a new window on the main screen to view them.

This _should_ be the last update before the Steam release. As of now, my hope is September 22nd for that. As I said above, if you bought here you will receive a Steam key in your email shortly after the game is launched.

Even if you have already bought it, please wishlist on Steam, it really helps with visibility.



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