Asteroids... But Roguelite 1.3 Update

Patch Notes
- New revamped particle system. Much cleaner look, and should work better on lower spec computers.
- There are now two shops before the first boss, giving you more chances to gear up for it.
- The starting weapon now shoots slower.
- Many abilities are cheaper with the intent on letting player's purchase them sooner and move away from the starter weapon.
- Most abilities have been repriced for balance.
- Fixed a bug where asteroids scaled with enemy damage levels. This is why you would get hit by an asteroid and take 10 damage randomly.
- Flak Cannon is completely reworked.

Future Plans
- Revamp the quest system entirely
- Get the Steam page open. (Steam Keys will be emailed to anyone who bought the game, for free)


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"The starting weapon now shoots slower."


"Flak Cannon is completely reworked."

Oh thank goodness. Always thought it was a strange attack. All in all looks like a good balancing patch. I'll be giving it a go in a little bit. Thanks for the constant patches.


Yeah flak cannon was pretty garbage before. I think the new version is much better and maybe even OP.  Thanks for playing!