1.2 Update Patch Notes

This is a larger update that is focused on making the game easier in the early game.

Balance Changes:

- There are now additional shops in the start of the game. They occur after completing 5, 15, and 25 waves. 

- Bosses now occur every 10 waves, with a shop visit after each one.

- The items available at the shop are depend on the total number of bosses killed. Meaning, you have a much better chance of actually being able to purchase something the first few times you visit.  This also means some of the better items won't be available until later in the game.

- You can now only purchase the Reduce Cooldown upgrade 5 times (down from 8).

- The recurring shield ability now has a 30 second cooldown (up from 10).

- The recurring shield ability now costs $50k. (Up from 30k).

Bug Fixes:

- The volume slider works much better now.

- Fixed a bug with the player shield being visible from behind certain panels.

- Fixed a bug that could occur after the player makes it to the shop but also dies.

I think these changes greatly increase the ability for new players to jump into the action an experience more of the rogue-like elements more quickly. 

My next update will add more challenging content to the late game, so stay tuned for that.


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