What's Next Update

I launched a game!

Super pumped to get this game out there and into peoples hands.
Been receiving a ton of great feedback, and one keeps popping up that I want to address.

Currently in the game, you can hit the left shift button to enter the shop with a 3 second timer.  I don't mind this as a "save me" mechanic much, but I'm realizing players are using it in a way I didn't expect.  You can just spam going into the shop into it has the items you want. This circumvents 80% of that game.  Some players also didn't even realize there was a shop and kept waiting for an opportunity to spend their money.

This is a huge problem!

So here's me solution.

I'm going to remove the shop from the shift key and instead have it appear after a set amount of waves, potentially after you fight a boss.  This gives you something to fight for, fixes the problem of having a "save me" button, and also takes away the ability to spam the shop.  It also gives me more control over scaling the enemies and bosses to fit your level.

I'm excited to make this change, and my hope is it will only take a day or two. 

Thanks again for the support!

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