A downloadable game for Windows

Design your dream kitchen as you race around, keeping pace with your adoring customer's requests!

The food your customers order is based on the ingredients and equipment that you choose to stock in your kitchen.  The more food variety, the more customers and more money that can be made.  Be careful though, you are but a lone chef facing the hungry masses!  Don't spread yourself too thin by trying to accommodate every food type.

Game Play

There are currently 9 different challenge levels, each with their own unique spin on the game.  Finishing each level will unlock a new food, increasing the variety available to your kitchen.  The more types of food you sell, the faster you can beat the levels.  See how quickly you can beat all 9 levels by returning to ones you've already beat with more recipes unlocked.

Current Features:

  • Endless Mode for testing kitchen setups.
  • 9 Unique Challenge Levels
  • Xbox One Controller Support
  • 30 Unique Recipes
  • Couch Co-op

Upcoming Features:

  • More recipes
  • More challenge levels
  • More appliances
  • More events
  • Customer types
  • More!?

What is this?

While there is a lot of content to still be added, I feel that the game is in a good enough place for some eyes other than mine.  Speaking of feedback, any comments, complaints, or ideas you have, please let me know.  I'm happy to hear them!  

Email: ajpowelldev@gmail.com

The Plan

The current demo is a very playable game, but I want to put more content into it before putting it up for sale.  I will keep this demo updated with any new features I add, but things like new recipes and challenge levels are going to be saved for the full release version of the game.  I am hoping the full game will be finished sometime in 2019.

You can follow development at: https://twitter.com/GhostGoats


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Playing the unlimited mode to get used to how the game works, and I've noticed it's incredibly difficult to keep track of what meals go to which customer.  The orders do not sit above the customer who makes the order, like one might expect.  I don't know which of these customers ordered the chicken sandwich.


This is a bug, sorry about that.  And thanks for reporting it!  I will try and get it fixed shortly.

Fantastic, I'm eager to give it another chance. :)

Do I have to redownload/reinstall after a game is updated, or do itchio games update automatically? Not sure.


You will have to download a new version.  I think the desktop app for itch has a function that will let you know if a new version is available, but I'm not 100%.  I will try to get this fixed before the weekend.


some playthrough from me

Wow thanks so much for this.  It's super helpful to just be able to watch how people play the game.


Hi, I tried this yesterday & I loved it !

Is there a bug with rats? When they arrive (playing 'endless game'), the message is blocked upon the game and I have to restart it D-:

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying it!  I'll get that bug fixed ASAP.

Looks a lot like overcooked


I don't have a Windows computer, but looking forward to playing this someday! Looks fun and I'm enjoying seeing the development.

Whatchya got?  Mac?

Yep, I'm on a mac. Sooner or later I need to get a new computer so we'll see where I end up!



After a while it gets sort off.....plain? Its a good concept and would be better with multiplayer :D

Two player co-op is coming soon, hopefully in the next week.  We're you playing the endless mode or the challenges?  Either way, thanks for your candid feed back.  It's surprisingly hard to get that some times.  


I was playing endless and Yay!2  player! Hopefully next week comes fast! <3


Really fun game! Can be challenging once you have a lot of ingredients, but figuring out the balance and the proper kitchen layout is half the fun :)

The Auto Rotate Feature Seems To Be Broken And The Tutorial Doesint Mention A Manual Rotate

hmmm..  Do you mean being able to rotate your character in place?


I love the game so much even in such an early stage.  I love how you can change the layout of your kitchen to better suit your style. Keep it up.


This Game Is Good But Missing A Endless Mode


ha, I actually made that today.  Will be in next update.  Thanks for playing! 


Okay Cool


This game is insanely fun for how simple it is. If you ever want to know what it is like to work in a kitchen, or food cart, check this game out! I really enjoy the frantic nature of seeing customers line up waiting for their order and having to prioritize what is being prepared to best serve your customers. I played v0.3 and v0.4 and the tutorial has improved a lot! I learned more things the second time I played it that helped me be more efficient in the kitchen. Only criticism so far is that my hand gets tired when playing, and that makes it hard to progress through the mission of getting a more diverse menu. Overall, super fun game that I can see going places. Great work!


This game is seriously really fun, and it gets pretty intense as well!  I recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy/management games as it's really well executed.  Can't wait for the full release!