Made for Weekly Game Jam #92: One Direction

Control a bunch of stupid robots who only travel in the direction you tell them to.


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Yeah, you should submit the game on the page.

Really neat little game. I liked how you blended puzzle elements and real time play. When you introduced the whole "remove the arrow while the robot is moving" concept things started getting pretty interesting. The levels you had here weren't horribly hard, felt like there was a good progression in difficulty.

Feels like it'd be an interesting game to expand upon, but probably with more puzzle type elements than reaction based. As it is, controlling one robot with 1-2 arrows is kind of difficult since you have to cycle through the directions to get the one you want. Controlling more than two robots that way would probably be too hard (and not in a fun way).

Yeah I missed the itch deadline on accident but I think they are taking care of it for me.  Thanks for the feedback!  I agree with you about the levels, some more reaction based mechanics would be great for this game.  I just started to run out of time.  Thanks for playing!  Maybe I will make a post jam version at some point.

Hi, you should submit the game to Weekly game jam 92 on too :)

Thanks for the heads up, I just realized I forgot that step.  An admin is getting it straightened out though, thanks!