Made for Ludum Dare 44.

Full Screen is recommended!

Everyone dies eventually.  But you can put that off by eating way too many vegetables.  

Buying seeds costs years of your life.  

Plant seeds to eat raw Veggies to live longer, or combing the Veggies in the oven to cook even healthier meals!

Eat raw Veggies while holding them with the SpaceBar.

Put raw Veggies in the crate to store them.

Use the oven to cook recipes for better food. 

The oven uses the contents of the crate, so make sure you have what you need.

WASD / Arrows : Movement

Space Bar: Use

Z / Left Shift / Left Control : Drop items

How long can you not die for?


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Neat game, liked the whole system you had set up.

Difficulty scaling would be cool, maybe just make the age grow faster or the seed cost raise (up to a certain threshold). At the moment, after you get over the initial difficulty hump you can pretty much last forever it seems.

Agreed,  the hardest part right now is just understanding the game haha