Some people have had problems with it running in chrome. If the game loads to a black screen, try a different browser.  If that still doesn't work, I do have the .exe file below.

Help Chef Frank make franks for his hungry customers before his shift ends.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 42 with the theme running out of space/

Chef Frank does not have enough counter space to fit all of his appliances and must constantly toss things into his trailer when not in use.  


Arrow Keys:  Move Frank around.

Space Bar:  Pick up food, put food in appliance, get food from appliance.

Z:  Pick up any appliance you may want to throw into the trailer.

X:  Throw away any food being held.

Number keys 1-3: Turn in the held frank to the corresponding customer.


Download 15 MB


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i played this way too much... This is super fun and addicting. PR is $161 after playing for an hour or so.