Game made for Ludum Dare 45.

Game Art by: Anticdope

Start alone and naked on a deserted island.

Try and get the resources needed to fix the broken boat and sail home.

Plays a bit like an RTS


Right Click de-selects everything

Fishing: With a single villager selected, click on the ocean and hit the fish icon.

Chopping: You can chop trees and harvest rocks by selecting villagers and then clicking on a tree or boulder.

Building: If you have the resources, you can make buildings.  Buildings make passive resources that can then be harvested by villagers.

Note about farms: You have to click on the farm after building it to chose what it should grow.  Strawberries,  corn, or cotton.

Note: The up arrow button on all the buildings doesn't do anything, we ran outta time :(


Fishing is good early, so your people don't starve.


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Really nicely done! Good music, art, and gameplay. Lots of features for something produced so quickly. :)